Memorial Jewelry

Our connection to those we love has a significant impact on our lives. We are no doubt touched and shaped by the people and relationships we experience throughout our lifetime. The memorial line is the perfect way to honor and celebrate our most cherished relationships, and a poignant way for the wearer to power up every day as they head out the door, knowing they are accompanied by the energy of their loved one.

While we all know death is a part of life, and the inevitable, it does not often prepare us for the goodbye, and this is why I felt so strongly to create a line of jewelry dedicated to preserving a piece of your loved one who has passed, and also a way to honor those we love still present in our lives, such as a child, or beloved friend or sister. This line is all about creating elegance with purpose.

Imagine what it would feel like to adorn yourself every day with the energy of those you love? To feel beautiful and also supported as moved through your day wearing a stunning piece of hand-crafted jewelry that also held your most sacred and cherished loved ones at your heart center? Maybe Mom cannot join for this big day, but you can wear a piece of her as you take the day on, and that might be just the extra boost you need.

We work together to capture the perfect print. In order to do so, I personally work one-on-one with you using a special imprint kit. This kit can be mailed or delivered to you with instruction. If you would like to collect one for a loved one who has passed, I also work closely with several mortuaries across the Salt Lake City valley, and can support you in making this happen.

The Memorial Line is much more than a piece of jewelry, it’s a piece of your heart and story, preserved and celebrated.

Explore the shop to find inspiration, or the right piece for you or the wearer. In the Shop you will find many popular sizes and styles available for order. I can also customize any shape, size, or style to create the perfect piece for you. Below are several examples of my Memorial  Jewelry. Connect with me below if you have further questions or you wish to speak about customizing.