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Hello and welcome! I’m Stephanie Chavez, an inspired jewelry artist who infuses each of my pieces with soul, passion, and purpose. I believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory; it’s an expression of who we are and what we love.

I harbor a profound desire to bring more individuals into this creative realm. Throughout the years, I’ve committed myself to refining and imparting my craft, leading others in the creation of their own jewelry and art. One of my favorite quotes, attributed to Maya Angelou, is “When we get, give. When we learn, teach.” It’s a philosophy I strive to embody each day. I firmly believe that every person holds the potential to be an inspired creator, and by delving into the creative depths within ourselves, we can enhance our lives in myriad ways

As a certified metal clay artist and instructor, I’m proficient in various jewelry mediums, but my true love, passion, and expertise lie in metal clay combined with metalsmithing techniques. Originally certified through Rio Grande, I’ve been immersed in the world of metal clay for over 16 years. My national and international recognition through online courses has established me as an expert in the field.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, I believe everyone has the potential to be inspired. Many individuals simply need a safe and enjoyable environment to explore their creative limits, and that’s exactly what I provide and share. I derive immense joy from bringing people into the creative process, allowing them to experience the same fulfillment I find in my daily craft.

I genuinely love teaching and connecting with students from all over. You can find me conducting classes from my studio in South Jordan, UT, offering online instruction through recorded classes, and engaging with students live via Zoom. I’ve had the privilege of teaching at various institutes, studios, conferences, and expos across the United States. Soon, I’ll be expanding my teaching endeavors beyond the country, as I am excited to announce that I’ll be conducting classes in the UK for the first time in May 2024

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“To teach is to learn twice” ~Joseph Joubert

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I am immensely grateful to pursue my passion every day, supported wholeheartedly by my loving husband and our two wonderful adult children, who are now emerging into the world on their own. Their presence has led me to navigate life and business with increased balance and grace, presenting a challenging yet ultimately life-enhancing endeavor.

I was blessed to have a flexible career that allowed me to be there for much of their upbringing, and our family is truly complete with the addition of our two furry pups. Their unwavering love and vibrant energy bring boundless joy to our lives.

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